Welcome To Kimberly Willcox Fine Art

Welcome! All my life I have been fascinated by the human form. My aesthetic decisions are based on intuition and driven by my obsession to constantly make and create art. I love the creative process of problem solving. Presently, I am creating 3-dimensional objects from transformed materials. My sculptures have grown into kinetically alive figures that tell their story of renewal. My ideas stem from the world around me, a blend of conscious and sub-conscious imagery. My work has never been constrained to a single medium. I work within a vast range of materials and techniques. I love to discover the unexpected and to leave room for spontaneity. My goal is to create a unique art form that shares a seamless integration between the world and the human spirit.

Please click on a collection link below to get started. The first link, Available For Purchase, displays artwork culled from all of my other collections. Thanks.