Past Commissions

Thanks for your interest in my work. I welcome the opportunity to create new sculptures that are requested by clients. The process is simple. First we discuss your requirements. Then I'll send you a few sketches to make sure that our visions are similar. Once we have agreement on a sketch, I'll get to work creating that perfect piece for your home or office.

Please keep in mind that often I am on the road displaying my sculptures at art shows throughout the country. I'll do my best to estimate a delivery date once we finalize the approval process.

Here are some of my past commissions:

2005 The Indian Ministry for the Promotion of Handicrafts
2004 Female Creations
2003 HGTV Smart Design
2002 Marriott Hotels
2002 Cirque du Soleil 
1998 Paul Simon
1997 Alexander Julian
1996 Sony
1994 White House Administration
1989 Illustrator, Oyster Sauce, Holy Moses Books
1989 Woody Allen’s New York Stories (props)
1988 ABC’s Thirty-Something  (jewelry)

2001-2004  “Tickle Your Soul” by Kimberly Willcox™  for Silvestri®